The Patriotic Egg Timer

Sep 5
Saturday Continuous Free Demo

#614661 BeepEgg Patriotic Egg TimerCan’t figure out if your boiled eggs are cooked just right? BeepEgg is here to help!

This Saturday, Barb will demonstrate how this fun little egg timer measures the temperature of your eggs to gauge the doneness, alerting you with three different traditional patriotic tunes to let you know how your eggs are cooked:
Amazing Grace – soft,
Star Spangled Banner – medium,
America The Beautiful – hard.

Stop in to see how it works, and say goodbye to under- and over-cooked eggs forever!

Stovetop Grill Pan Pizza

Sep 12
Saturday Continuous Free Demo

#9581 ProLogic 12” Square Grill Pan

Want to make pizza without turning on your oven?

You can get perfectly charred grill marks on your crust just like on a real outdoor grill using the ample-sized Lodge ProLogic 12” Square Cast Iron Grill Pan with raised ridges. Pre-seasoned and ready to use, it is made by Lodge, which has been producing high quality cast iron cookware out of Tennessee since 1896.

Even heating, a natural easy-release finish, and durability are the hallmarks of their great cookware, and their efforts in maintaining a “green” manufacturing process have made Lodge a leader in eco-responsibility year after year.

Stop by this Saturday, and Karen will show you her tricks for making wonderfully crisp and chewy pizza crust using this versatile pan, which can be used everywhere from your city apartment’s stovetop to a roaring campfire.

Peugeot Pepper and Salt Mills

Sep 19
Saturday Continuous Free Demo

Peugeot Paris Chocolat Mills CollectionBecome a part of the Peugeot adventure, which started in the 19th century with a flurry of ingenious creations, and continues to this day with, among other things, spice mills that set the standards for chefs and home cooks the world over.

From their classically-design Paris collection flagship line, to the more contemporary and modern Tahiti and Ales (and many more in between), you’re sure to find a mill that suits your personal taste, whether for your kitchen or your dinner table.

Peugeot pepper and salt mills have been in our selection the longest time of any brand, quite simply because of their mechanisms’ proven performance and longevity in both home and professional kitchens. It’s no wonder that Peugeot burr mechanisms are guaranteed for life.

Join us this Saturday, as Peugeot specialist Mike will be here to answer all your questions about Peugeot, and their superior, French-made pepper and salt mills. You’ll get to test drive their spice mills in your search for your perfect fit.

Sally Mc Kenney, Author of Sally’s Candy Addiction

Oct 3
Saturday Author Event

Yaxell Knives

Oct 10
Saturday Continuous Free Demo

Holly Riccardi, Author of Magpie

Oct 17
Saturday Author Event

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